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The Chow Chow is a large, distinctive breed of dog with a proud and loyal temperament. As an owner of this majestic breed, it’s important to feed your Chow Chow the optimal diet to maintain their overall health, support their growth, and prevent weight-related issues.

The best food for Chow Chow is one that caters to their unique nutritional needs, is delicious in taste, and encourages them to maintain a balanced diet.

Dog food is available in various forms, such as kibble, canned, raw, or freeze-dried. Each type has its pros and cons, but all have the potential to provide the essential nutrients your Chow Chow needs.

The right choice depends on individual preferences and factors like cost, convenience, and palatability. No matter which type you choose, it’s crucial to look for high-quality ingredients and formulations suitable for your dog’s age, size, and activity level.

When selecting the best food for your Chow Chow, consider factors like protein sources, fat content, and supplements for joint health. This breed can be prone to obesity and is also susceptible to hip dysplasia.

As a result, dog food that supports healthy muscle development maintains a balanced weight, and protects their joints will be most beneficial for them.

Having researched and tested various dog foods designed for Chow Chows, we have compiled a list of top products to meet their specific needs and ensure a healthy, balanced diet tailored to this exceptional breed.

Best Food for Chow Chows

I have compiled a list of the best dog food products specifically tailored for Chow Chows to keep them healthy and happy.

Purina Dog Chow Little Bites for Small Breed Dog Food Dry Recipe, With Real Chicken and Beef

Purina Dog Chow

I strongly recommend Purina Dog Chow Little Bites for small breeds, as it is packed with proteins and crafted for dogs between 3 and 20 pounds.


  • Made with real chicken and beef
  • Protein-packed for strong muscles
  • Antioxidant blend supports the immune system


  • Not suitable for larger dog breeds
  • Picky dogs may not enjoy it
  • Comes in smaller 4 lb bags

Since I started feeding my small dog Purina Dog Chow Little Bites, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in his overall health and energy levels. With high-quality ingredients, including real chicken and beef, this dog food is perfect for dogs with a higher metabolism, like my little buddy.

I appreciate how this dog food is specially formulated for smaller dogs, with smaller kibble pieces that are easier for them to eat. The antioxidant blend in the kibble supports their immune system, keeping them in top shape and ready for our active lifestyle together.

One thing to note is that this product comes in smaller 4 lb bags. It was not an issue for me, as it keeps the food fresh for my dog, but some people with more than one dog may prefer larger bags. Additionally, picky dogs may not enjoy the taste, although my dog loves it.

In conclusion, Purina Dog Chow Little Bites is an excellent choice for small-breed dogs. It’s packed with proteins, made with high-quality ingredients, and supports their overall health. If you have a small dog that needs specialized nutrition, give this dog food a try.

Nestle Purina Dog Chow 4.4 lb

Nestle Purina Dog Chow

I’d recommend this dog food for chow chow owners who prioritize essential nutrients and digestibility for their pets.


  • 100% of essential nutrients for a healthy, active life
  • High-quality protein for strong muscles
  • Highly digestible for optimal health


  • Some dogs may be picky with taste
  • Higher price point compared to other options
  • Only a 4.4 lb bag

I recently fed my chow chow the Nestle Purina 1780014521 Dog Chow, and it has significantly benefitted his health and energy levels.

The food contains 100% of the essential nutrients required for a healthy, active life, which has my dog happily wagging his tail throughout the day.

The high-quality protein in this dog food is excellent for my chow chow’s muscle development and overall strength. He appears more robust and energetic than before, which encourages me to continue feeding him this product.

In terms of how easily my chow chow can digest the food, the Nestle Purina Dog Chow scored highly.

His digestive system is functioning healthily, and I’ve noticed that he’s been requiring less effort to pass stools, which is a clear indication of increased digestibility.

However, I must mention that not all dogs will have the same experience with the taste of this dog food. Some dogs, like mine, may be picky and might require extra incentives like bacon bits or cheese crumbles to make it more appealing.

The cost of Nestle Purina Dog Chow is also worth considering. Although it has served my chow chow exceptionally well, the higher price point, especially for just a 4.4 lb bag, might not be feasible for every pet owner.

Overall, as long as you’re willing to invest in your chow chow’s health and nutrition, this Nestle Purina Dog Chow provides a great balance of essential nutrients, protein, and digestibility to keep your dog at its best.

Purina Dog Chow Complete Adult Beef Flavor

Purina Dog Chow Complete Adult Dry Dog Food Kibble Beef Flavor

Purina Dog Chow Complete Adult Beef Flavor is a nutritious and tasty option for your Chow Chow’s overall well-being.


  • Contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals
  • High-quality protein for muscle support
  • No artificial flavors


  • Only one flavor option
  • May not suit dogs with specific dietary requirements
  • Kibble size may not be ideal for all dogs

I recently tried Purina Dog Chow Complete Adult Beef Flavor for my Chow Chow, and I have to say it was an excellent choice. The high-quality ingredients in this dog food not only provided the taste my dog loves but also catered to their overall health and wellness.

It was evident that Purina takes pride in their craftsmanship as the kibble was carefully formulated without any artificial flavors.

The 23 essential vitamins and minerals included in this dog food recipe made an impressive difference in supporting my dog’s immune health.

Moreover, the high-quality protein supplied in each serving helped build and maintain their strong muscles, enabling my dog to stay active and engaged.

While my dog enjoyed the beef flavor, it would be great to see more variety in flavors for picky eaters or those with specific dietary needs. Additionally, some Chow Chows may have unique dietary requirements that this dog food may not cater to.

Lastly, the kibble size might not be suitable for all dogs, so it’s essential to keep that in mind.

Purina Dog Chow Complete Adult Beef Flavor is a wholesome and nutritious option for Chow Chows, meeting their nutritional needs and allowing them to enjoy a tasty meal.

If your dog doesn’t have specific dietary restrictions and enjoys beef flavor, this kibble is an excellent choice.

Little Bites Purina Dog Chow

Little Bites Purina Dog Chow

I recommend the Little Bites Purina Dog Chow for Chow Chow owners seeking a tasty and nutritious option for their pets.


  • High-quality protein with real chicken
  • Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  • Bite-sized kibble for dental health


  • Contains whole grains, which might not suit all dogs
  • May be overpriced for some budgets
  • Limited availability for offline purchase

I recently tried the Little Bites Purina Dog Chow for my Chow Chow, and I’m quite impressed with the overall quality of this product. The real chicken content promises high-quality protein, and it helped my pet maintain lean muscle mass.

It also contains essential vitamins and minerals for overall good health, while the antioxidants promote a robust immune system.

Another advantage of this dog food is its bite-sized kibble. This feature aids in promoting healthy teeth and gums in my dog, making it ideal for Chow Chows and similar breeds.

On top of the nutritional aspects, my dog loves the chicken flavor, encouraging them to eat consistently.

However, I must mention that this dog food contains whole grains. While this may provide an excellent source of energy for some dogs, others might have sensitivities or allergies to grains.

Be sure to consider your pet’s specific needs before making a purchase.

In terms of pricing, I found it a bit overpriced, especially considering the 4-pound package. It’s essential to weigh the cost against the benefit of high-quality ingredients when deciding.

Additionally, the limited availability in local stores means resorting to online shopping.

In summary, if you’re willing to pay a little more for a nutritious and delicious Chow Chow dog food, the Little Bites Purina Dog Chow, with its high-quality ingredients and bite-sized kibbles, is an excellent choice.

Just be mindful of your pet’s individual needs and dietary requirements.

Purina Dog Chow Complete Adult Chicken Flavor

Purina Dog Chow

Purina Dog Chow Complete Adult Chicken Flavor is a wholesome choice for pet owners looking to support their furry friend’s healthy nutrition.


  • Complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs
  • High-quality protein for strong muscles
  • Crunchy kibble helps clean teeth


  • Some dogs may lose interest in the flavor
  • Pricier than in-store options
  • Not suitable for dogs with specific dietary needs

I recently tried Purina Dog Chow’s Complete Adult Chicken Flavor for my pet, and I noticed several positive aspects of the product.

Firstly, the kibble is formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs, which is essential for their overall health and well-being. This dog food also contains high-quality protein sources to support strong muscles, contributing to my dog’s active lifestyle.

One feature that stood out to me was the crunchy texture of the kibble. Not only does it provide a satisfying eating experience for my dog, but it also helps clean their teeth. This is a great bonus for pet owners looking to maintain their dog’s oral hygiene.

However, a few drawbacks should be recognized as well. Over time, my dog seemed to lose interest in the chicken flavor. This may require variety in their meals with other options to keep them excited about their food.

Also, the price of this product on Amazon can be much higher than in-store prices, so it’s worth checking local options before purchasing online.

Lastly, if your dog has specific dietary needs or allergies, Purina Dog Chow’s Complete Adult Chicken Flavor might not be the best fit.

Purina Dog Chow Complete Adult Chicken Flavor offers a well-rounded, nutritious option for adult dogs. The high-quality protein and crunchy kibble texture are definite perks, although it’s important to consider the pricing and potential need for variety in flavors.

As always, consult with your veterinarian for personalized recommendations tailored to your dog’s health requirements.

Purina Dog Chow Complete With Real Chicken Adult Dry Dog Food

Purina Dog Chow

Purina Dog Chow Complete with Real Chicken is a trustworthy choice for Chow Chow owners looking to cater to their dog’s nutritional needs.


  • Made with real chicken and high-quality ingredients
  • 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs
  • Supports strong muscles and an active lifestyle


  • Contains artificial colors and by-products
  • May take time for dogs to transition from previous food
  • Includes common allergens like corn and soybean meal

As a Chow Chow owner, I found Purina Dog Chow Complete with Real Chicken to be quite beneficial in providing my dog with the essential nutrition required for maintaining an active and healthy life.

The use of real chicken and other high-quality ingredients makes this dog food not only tasty for dogs but also aids in muscle development.

However, I noticed that it contains artificial colors and chicken by-products, which may not be ideal for those looking to avoid such ingredients. Further, the presence of common allergens like corn and soybean meal might not suit all dogs.

Transitioning my Chow Chow to Purina Dog Chow took about a week, as I had to gradually introduce it to avoid any dietary upsets. My dog has shown great improvement in its energy levels and overall health since switching to this food.

In conclusion, Purina Dog Chow Complete with Real Chicken is an excellent option for Chow Chow owners who want to provide their dogs with a balanced and nutritious diet.

With real ingredients and essential vitamins and minerals, this dog food will support your dog’s active lifestyle, but it’s essential to be aware of the potential allergens and artificial ingredients.

Buying Guide

As a Chow Chow owner, I know how important it is to choose the right dog food for my furry companion. In this buying guide, I will provide some tips on choosing the best product, focusing on features that are essential for this specific breed.

Nutritional Requirements

First and foremost, be sure to check the label of any dog food for its nutritional content. Chow Chows require a well-balanced diet containing protein, fat, and essential micronutrients. Protein sources should be high quality, such as real chicken, turkey, or beef.

Additionally, remember to include a sufficient amount of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in their diet for maintaining healthy skin and coat.

Size and Life Stage Considerations

Chow Chows come in various sizes, so it is vital to choose a dog food that meets the nutritional needs of your dog based on their size and life stage. Puppies, adults, and senior Chow Chows will have different nutritional requirements, so make sure to select a dog food tailored to these specific needs.

Allergy and Sensitivity Considerations

Some Chow Chows may have food allergies or sensitivities. Should your dog experience symptoms such as excessive itching, gastrointestinal distress, or redness and inflammation of the skin, it’s essential to consult with a veterinarian. They may recommend a hypoallergenic or grain-free dog food to address these concerns.

Quality of Ingredients

As a responsible pet owner, I prioritize the quality of the ingredients in my Chow Chow’s food. When assessing a dog food product, check for natural ingredients and avoid artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. Whole ingredients, such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, are preferred over by-products or chemically-derived nutrients.

Price and Affordability

Lastly, keep the price and affordability of the dog food in mind. While it is essential to provide your Chow Chow with the best possible nutrition, it is also important not to overextend yourself financially.

There are many quality dog food options available for Chow Chows at varying price points, so don’t feel pressured to overspend. Instead, focus on finding a high-quality product that falls within your budget.

In conclusion, always consider the nutritional content, size, life stage, allergy and sensitivity concerns, ingredient quality, and price when selecting the best dog food for your Chow Chow.

By carefully considering these factors, you’ll feel confident knowing that you’re providing your beloved pet with the nutritious diet they deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal diet for a Chow Chow?

As a Chow Chow owner, I understand the importance of a balanced diet for my furry friend. The ideal diet for a Chow Chow consists of high-quality protein to support muscle development, healthy fats for its thick coat, and complex carbohydrates for energy.

It’s essential to choose dog food with wholesome, natural ingredients, avoiding artificial preservatives and fillers. Remember, every dog is unique, so monitor your Chow Chow’s weight and adjust portions accordingly.

Can Chow Chows have food allergies, and how to identify them?

Yes, Chow Chows can develop food allergies like any other dog breed. I learned to identify food allergies by observing symptoms such as itchiness, excessive scratching, skin rashes, ear infections, and gastrointestinal issues.

If you suspect your Chow Chow has a food allergy, consult a veterinarian for proper testing and guidance on modifying its diet.

Which vegetables are beneficial for Chow Chows?

Incorporating vegetables into my Chow Chow’s diet has provided additional nutrients and variety. Some beneficial vegetables for Chow Chows include green beans, carrots, spinach, kale, and broccoli.

Be sure to steam or cook the vegetables to break down cellulose and make them more digestible. Avoid feeding your Chow Chow onions, garlic, or high amounts of starchy vegetables that may cause stomach upset.

How to create a feeding schedule for Chow Chow puppies?

Feeding schedules are essential for Chow Chow puppies to ensure proper growth and development. I divided my pup’s daily food allowance into three or four small meals throughout the day.

As they grew older, I reduced the frequency to two meals per day. Remember to consult your veterinarian for specific feeding guidelines based on weight, age, and activity level.

What treats are safe and healthy for Chow Chows?

I reward my Chow Chow with healthy and safe treats, avoiding those with artificial additives and high sugar content. Some excellent treat options include natural chews like rawhide or bully sticks and dehydrated meats or fish.

Fruits like apples and blueberries can also make great treats in moderation. Ensure the treats are right-sized for your Chow Chow to prevent choking hazards.

Is milk suitable for Chow Chow consumption?

While some Chow Chows may tolerate milk, many dogs can become lactose intolerant as they age. I offer dairy-free alternatives like goat’s milk or lactose-free cow’s milk.

However, it’s essential to monitor your Chow Chow for any signs of digestive upset after consuming milk or other dairy products to ensure their safety and comfort.

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Janine Corn

Owning a Chow Chow is so much joy, and owning two is more than double the fun.
But still, there are things to know if you're new to this breed or if you're considering getting a Chow Chow so I started this blog for fellow Chow Chow lovers.
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Owning a Chow Chow is so much joy, and owning two is more than double the fun.
But still, there are things to know if you’re new to this breed or if you’re considering getting a Chow Chow so I started this blog for fellow Chow Chow lovers.
Hope you enjoy!

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